A Guide to Beach Wedding Photography

Weddings have become more diverse as far as locations are concerned. One of those popular locations is the beach. It should not come as a surprise as beach weddings, after all, provide a beautiful and romantic backdrop to celebrate such a joyous moment in a couple’s life. But the allure of a beach wedding in recent years goes beyond that.

As a photographer who will be covering a beach wedding, it is important that you get to capture not only the beauty of the wedding as a celebration of love but also the beauty of the setting that is the beach. As a guide to help you better capture the moment, here are some of the characteristics of a beach wedding that you should not miss in your photos.


  1. Natural lighting – Since beach weddings are held outdoors, you don’t need to worry about nor possibly spend much on lighting in the venue for some good output the photos. The natural light from the sun will already take care of the lighting for you. On your part, you don’t have to think about these things and let the photographer like yorkshire wedding photographer take care of making that sunlight work on those beautifully lighted photos.
  2. Scenic venue – one does not have to spend or worry much on the interiors. The beach itself provides a natural and artistic scenery that you can tap to provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for your wedding. Best of all, it is available to you without paying extra, especially if you will not require to have a section of the beach blocked off
  3. Intimate atmosphere – Beaches are naturally intimate type of places, better appreciated when there are a few people who go there. So if you wish to have an intimate wedding ceremony, having it at a beach is something to seriously consider. Even if a beach is a popular tourist destination, having a beach wedding provides a greater level of intimacy that having a hundred guests would ruin such a mood.
  4. A wedding and vacation in one – For some couples, especially those who are working around a budget, a beach wedding is a cost-saver such that they don’t have to spend time and effort separately for a wedding venue and a vacation place and incur more expenses in the long run. Beach weddings provide the convenience for both. Not to mention, the guests also get to enjoy a vacation and a wedding at the same time.
  5. Less formalities – As stated above, beach weddings have a greater level of intimacy. As such, there is a lesser need to be formal, whether it is on the aspect of ceremonies or when it comes to outfits. You can be as flexible as you want to be for a beach wedding, so feel free to create a unique and memorable moment in the process that you as a couple and your guests will get to enjoy.
  6. Casual affair – Speaking of outfits, there’s no need for to wear formal outfits at a beach wedding. One can opt to wear a simpler wedding dress while guests can wear something less stiff and a bit more casual and comfortable that is appropriate for a beach wedding. Besides, traditionally huge wedding gowns would not cut it since they would look awkward in the beach setting anyway.


With all these said, keep in mind though is the outdoor nature of beach weddings. As such, nature can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Unpredictable conditions like rain or winds may make those wedding plans go awry. Careful planning is very important to ensure that such conditions would not ruin what should be a memorable moment. Make sure you got all bases covered as much as possible; it won’t hurt to have a Plan B at hand in case things won’t get to go as originally planned.

There is no doubt that beach weddings are beautiful to witness, making a moment as memorable as a wedding even more memorable with the setting a beach provides. As long as it is planned very well beforehand, a beach wedding provides a unique experience the couple and guests will surely get to appreciate and cherish.

4 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Event Photographer

event photography tipsThere are many times in our lives that we celebrate or get invited to a wedding, a birthday, anniversary or special event. We love being with meaningful people in our lives and we find it awesome if we are able to keep these wonderful moments through pictures.

Some of us hire professional photographers to capture significant moments in our lives. Others choose to assign one of their trusted relative, friend or co-worker to take pictures since the friend has a wonderful phone or camera. But well, hiring a professional event photographer such as this los angeles wedding photographer is much better than relying on an amateur to take pictures of your events.

Here are 4 major advantages of hiring a professional event photographer for your upcoming celebrations.

  1. Assurance of receiving professional-looking images

Event photographers, generally, invested in photography equipment that is suitable to this form of photography. He/she owns several dependable DSLR cameras, various lenses and accessories just to capture brilliant images and deliver to you awesome event photos. Moreover, they study the manual of their units and practice shooting before working on events.

  1. Special, fleeting moment will be surely captured

Event photographers, like this Hampshire wedding photographer, are already used to anticipating and preparing to take pictures of fleeting moments. These professionals already know when and where to position themselves to take pictures of still and moving objects. Events vary a lot but through extensive experience a photographer can better handle and adjust to a given event. If you choose to have an amateur cover the event, then special moments will mostly likely pass uncaptured.

  1. Use of knowledge and skills of event photographer can help create the event’s story

An event photographer can make use of the knowledge and skills he/she gained throughout the years of experience in creating a wonderful story of your event. He/she usually plans ahead on how to handle your event for he/she is aware that every event is unique and requires carefully planning. Non-photographers do not have the skills and knowledge in event photography thus making it difficult for them to get the shots perfectly.

  1. A professional event photographer can handle your guests better

Most, if not all experienced event photographers, are great in dealing with people. They have developed people’s skills which helps them become patient to different people and resilient to any situation. They know how to behave in front of the people and can manage themselves even tough circumstances.

These are only some of the advantages of hiring a professional event photographer. Make sure to carefully choose the best event photographer to hire so you won’t be wasting money in paying someone incompetent. Ask for references or recommendations from friends or relatives whom you trust or you can also search online if you need to.


A Review of the Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark II

After the rousing success of the OM-D EM5, Olympus recently unveiled the successor to this successful compact mirrorless camera, the OM-D EM5 Mark II. How does it fare compared to its predecessor and to other mirrorless cameras out in the market? We shall find out in this review.

Design and controls

First things first, the EM5 Mark II looks very much like its predecessor. However, the EM5 Mark II offers some improvements in the design, with a better grip, easier navigation of the control dials even with one hand while still retaining a good, solid build for its body.

The camera offers a large and detailed electronic viewfinder, one of the best viewfinders found in cameras today which provides great detail and information and a fully-articulated 3 inch touchscreen LCD that provides a better intuitive interface. It also offers a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for better sharing of the images caught on this camera.

Superior image quality

The EM5 Mark II offers a native 16 megapixel image resolution. It also has a high-speed Live MOS Sensor which offers an improved performance and a remarkable level of clarity and speed in all aspects of image capture. The camera’s TruePic VII image-processing engine improves image quality as well in low-light environments that Luque Photography captures well.

The camera’s sensor allows for a maximum ISO of 25,600, and the dynamic range has been expanded for more faithful color reproduction. It also offers a quieter mechanical shutter and a fast, accurate, focusing system to better capture images

Image Stabilization

However, the EM5 Mark II’s killer feature is with its performance in image stabilization, a feature many cameras in the market today tend to overlook. In the case of Olympus however, they have developed for this camera an ultra-sensitive 5-axis VCM (voice coil motor) technology that employs updated gyro sensors for a full 5 exposure steps of compensation. This gives the camera an exceptional performance in image stabilization, being able to deliver sharp, clear still images even in low light or steady HD video when capturing movies.

Another good thing is that this feature works with any lens you wish to use for the camera. So there’s no need to worry about what lens to use that would offer stabilization as the camera does it exceptionally well for you.

High Res Shot

With an improved stabilization mechanism, the EM5 Mark II offers another interesting feature, the 40MP High Res Shot. This allows the camera to shift the sensor over eight frames and then combining them into one higher resolution image of up to a whopping 40 megapixels.

Please note though that this does not increase the camera’s native megapixel resolution; you will still get 16 MP on your camera even when using the High Res Shot feature. What it does instead is enhance the quality of the image taken into the camera and make it more detailed. Also, this feature would only work well in ideal situations and environments, such as still subjects.

Final Thoughts

The Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II is a worthy upgrade from the previous EM5 model as it offers more features and, most especially, an improved photographic performance.

Its features are not only impressive, they are also unique in the sense that not many cameras offer those features, most especially the image stabilization feature. That only makes the EM5 Mark II a solid camera that can rival any mirrorless camera in the market at least. If you are looking for a good mirrorless camera, or a camera that can provide an improved image quality, the Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II is a camera worth very much considering.

How to Shoot Professional-Looking Portraits

portrait photographyGetting started in something you are interested in but unfamiliar with takes time and effort. You cannot master a field or be knowledgeable in something overnight. It might take months or years especially if it is a huge field or subject like portrait photography that you want to learn.

Portrait photography is a form of photography that most beginners in photography want to start focusing on. It basically involves people as subjects in the photo shoot. You get to shoot indoors or outdoors depending on what the goal or purpose of the portrait shoot it.

For beginners in portrait photography, it might take time shoot professional-looking portraits. The length of time to get perfect portraits will depend on how determined a person is. If you aim to be good in photography, then you have to practice, take photography courses and learn the basic yet effective tips on how to achieve those professional-looking portraits.

  1. Choose wider aperture for better shallow depth of field

Without doubt, a DSLR camera is the best camera to use for professional photography. This camera allows you to change your settings or the shooting to whatever you think can produce what you need.

For portraits, it is best to choose the aperture priority mode (or any equivalent) of your camera. You can also choose to use a lens with a low number like f/ 2.0 or lower. By doing so, you get a great shallow depth off field, giving focus on the subject with a nice blur of the background.

  1. Get as near as possible to your subject

Shooting near the subjects can help your produce high resolution pictures from your professional camera. There is no need to zoom in to get the shots you need. Zooming in lessens the quality of your image so it is still best to go near you subject as possible and even shoot in RAW so no data gets removed or processed.

  1. Select a simple, clutter-free background

A simple, uncluttered background is important in portrait shoots so the viewers will stick with looking at the subject and not on any object or clutter in the background. This wedding photographer essex always checks the background of the shoot before taking portraits of engaged couples. Make sure to check the scene and remove unwanted things before clicking to take portraits.

  1. Fill in the frame

Filling in the frame with the face of your subject can give you wonderful portrait shots. Try to find the best angle to take the shot and see which side it is best to position your subject. Moreover, you can instruct the subject/s to stare directly onto the camera so you can capture the emotions or expressions of their eyes.

  1. Shooting with natural light

Natural light coming from the sun is surely the best source of light for a portrait shoot. You can take advantage of it by shooting early morning or before the sun sets. These times are what they call the golden hours. If you have to shoot outdoors in mid-morning or in a sunny afternoon, you can make use of accessories to lessen the light from the sun.

Producing professional-looking portraits can be possible if you follow the tips mentioned above and of course, through frequent practice. Practice as often as possible so you can improve your skills and become a master in portrait photography.


Baby Portrait Photography Tips You Should Learn

baby portrait photographyBabies are always an interesting subject to shoot pictures. Whether you are taking pictures of your own child or photographing a client’s child, there is a certain thrill that you feel when a baby is in front of your lens.

Not all of us can produce wonderful photos though, some of us find it difficult to get clear images since babies are mobile and unpredictable. If you are among those who are looking for ways to improve your shooting, then here are some baby portrait photography tips you should learn.

  1. Be always ready

Keep your camera near you at all times and be ready to shoot pictures. If you are using a DSLR camera or similar, find a fast shooting mode in your camera like the burst or continuous shooting mode so you get plenty of pictures all at once.

  1. Use a simple background

A simple background like white, brown or other light colors can give focus on the baby. Avoid using bright colors as backdrop for it might take the attention away from the baby.

  1. Get down to their level

You can get better baby shots if you go down or be at the baby’s level. Go down low if you need to. The close you are, the better portrait images you can catch. Even professionals of newborn photography Calgary do this.

  1. Let the light in

Natural light from the sun is always the best to use when shooting. Make sure the light can get inside the room. If sunlight is too bright, you can cover the window with a thin drape to minimize the light getting in.

  1. Take plenty of shots

It is best to shoot as plenty as you can. Of course, you have to try composing your shoots as much as possible so you can get many pictures to choose from later.

  1. Shoot at different angles

Do not be afraid to experiment. Shoot from different angles or position your self from various vantage points so you get assorted pictures. Some of these baby photos taken from imaginative angles will surely look more interesting than when you cover from common angles or positions.

  1. Include parents or siblings

Getting the brother, sister or parent into the picture with the baby can make it more memorable and personalized. They would feel good to see these pictures years after and reminisce the cuteness of their baby and how wonderful the experience was.

  1. Check your camera

If you plan to offer professional baby photo services, then be responsible and ready your stuff before a baby photo shoot. Check your cameras a day or two before the scheduled pictorial so you will know if they are working fine.

  1. Don’t forget the macro shots

Babies are cute, their body parts are way cuter and this you shouldn’t miss taking pictures of. Make sure to get close and take macro shots of the baby’s cute hands, chubby cheeks or other irresistible body parts. Use a macro lens if you have one to get sharper macro shots. Macro shooting is taught in several photography courses so you can enroll in one if you want.

  1. Prepare the baby

A baby must have a full stomach and must be in a happy mood before the shoot so the session will finish fast and successful. For newborns, make sure the mom or dad had them fed fully so the baby can be in deep sleep all throughout the baby portrait shoot.

Review: The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW

Lowepro has been known for great quality camera bags, especially for photographers who love the outdoors. Today, we are going to review one of their products geared for the outdoor-loving photographer, the Flipside 400 AW. Let’s see how well this bag stacks up.


The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW is a camera bag pack with external dimensions of 30.3 x 25.3 x 46 cm. (11.93 x 9.96 x 18.11 in. it only weighs 1.6 kg, (3.52 lb) so it does not contribute additional weight to whatever you will be putting in your bag.

It also offers contoured shoulder straps and padded waistbelt which help evenly distribute weight, especially if you will be putting a lot of gear in the bag, as well as provide extra comfort when you’re going from place to place for your photography.

There is also a body-side access for added security and quick access to gear at any time when you need reach out for something in your bag.  And if you’re in the wild, where silence is very important so not to disturb the animals there, the Flipside 400 AW has silent zipper pulls that would provide quiet access around your surroundings, especially if silence is very much important.

In addition, the bag also has a built-in All Weather AW cover that is included to protect your gear from the elements like rain and harsh sunlight.


The bag has a very spacious body, designed to carry a full-sized DSLR with a 300 mm lens, as well as an extra camera body, 4-6 lenses, an external flash, and other accessories and small personal items. These items can be arranged in separate padded camera compartments that can be adjusted or personalized, depending on the gear you will be bringing in with your bag.

The bag also has a front storage where you can place those small personal items and other accessories. And if ever you need some extra space, the Flipside 400 AW have SlipLock attachment loops that serve to expand its carrying capacity.

If you will be bringing a tripod with you, the bag has a Hideaway Tripod Mount which serves to secure your tripod to the pack.

In addition to all this, Lowepro guarantees the longevity of this bag. In fact, it provides a lifetime warranty, making sure your bag is guaranteed to last as long as you use it.


The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW is not for everyone. But if you’re a professional outdoor photographer or a wedding photographer Berkshire who is often outdoors, this is one bag you should seriously consider to have as part of your gear. It has a huge capacity and can take on as much as you do in your work. It is one of the best camera bags out there in the market guaranteed to meet your needs in protecting something as precious and important as your camera gear.


Hiring A Videographer As Well As A Photographer For A Wedding

In the midst of the wedding preparations, there comes a moment when couples are often faced with a dilemma: should they hire a videographer as well as a photographer? For a number of couples, hiring a videographer is an aspect that is overlooked or that hiring one may be out of the budget or perhaps may deem video as unimportant.

Regardless of these possible factors, video is an important element to be considered in your wedding coverage, being able to cover aspects that photography is either unable to capture or poorly captured.

To give you a better idea, here are some things to take into consideration on your part as to whether you should hire a videographer for your wedding:

  1. Memory of moving images

Photos are able to preserve the most important moments, especially in a wedding. However, it cannot capture the movements behind the images which create a more firm and lasting impression. Videos help capture the whole moment and make it even more memorable in the process as well which you can replay again and again.

videographer-698667_1280 (1)

  1. Preserving audio

Was there ever a time when we look at photos of a subject in the act of perhaps saying something and we see people reacting to it and we wish we knew what the subject was saying? Video plays an important part in providing that needed context, allowing us to better appreciate that moment as a whole.

  1. Being the stars of your own film

Most, if not all of us, dream of being in a film, preferably if we get to be the lead star. Thanks to videography, we get to live out those dreams as it serves to film what is right our moment that is the wedding. What’s even better is the fact that we get to be the stars without having to worry about the logistics since the videographer will take care of that for us. We don’t even have to memorize scripts as we let our natural selves show enjoying a memorable and joyous moment a wedding brings.


Another thing to note is the growth of video in recent years, brought in part by the prevalence now of more affordable video equipment, the rise of gadgets like DSLR cameras that are now capable of shooting quality video, as well as the rise of online video websites like Youtube and Viemo which allows videographers to not only put in their work but also share it via the world wide web. In a way, these factors played a significant role in the current trend now among couples to hire videographers for their weddings.

With the aforementioned continuing integration between photo and video capabilities in cameras like the DSLR, it is important to note that some photographers like the Hampshire Wedding Photographer are now also working as videography, managing to offer both services within their business. So if you’re looking into getting a videographer, check out the various photography studios who may have also videography service and possibly avail of special or promo rates they may offer.

Still it is up to the couple if they are looking into hiring a videographer for their wedding based on their budget and their needs. Take time to analyze your needs for the wedding and consider the factors as well before making a final decision. Whether you will eventually hire a videographer or just stick to having a photographer, what is important is that they will be able to do the job well in documenting and capturing the moments from that most eventful moment of your life.

What Photographers Must Bring When Covering a Sports Event

sports photography tipsSports photography has always been associated with moving subjects. The subjects are often athletes engaged in an action-packed game like football, baseball, soccer and even swimming. And since these athletes are mobile, sports photographer must successful produce brilliant sports photos that their client expects from them.

Skills and experience are two factors that can help a sports photographer get sharp, detailed sports pictures. But apart from these two, another factor that can help you capture great sports image is your chosen equipment.

There are certain equipment and accessories that sports photographer must bring when covering a sports event. These items can help him achieve the much-coveted striking sports photo.

  1. DSLR camera

A digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera is surely the best choice for sports photography. You can choose a more advanced one if you can afford it or just stick with a standard model from a trusted brand like Canon and Nikon. A DSLR camera is expected to produce sharper images than compact digital and mirrorless cameras. It also offers shooting modes like burst or continuous as well as sports mode to help you capture fleeting moments.

  1. Lenses

Two or three is the ideal number of lenses that a sports photographer like you must bring to a sports event. One prime lens and one or two special lenses are what most sports photographers carry with them. The lens choice must depend on what sport you are taking pictures of.

If you are going to cover football, soccer or similar sport, you need a 300mm telephoto lens so you can take pictures even from afar. The field is wide and you are most likely positioned from so you will need to zoom in to get a shot. If you are really far, use a super telephoto lens (400mm or higher) for better chance of getting a good shot. When covering a volleyball, basketball or tennis game, you can go for a standard zoom lens especially if you are not too far from the players. A wide angle lens is also important to bring if you plan to take shots of the whole sports arena, filed or court.

  1. Monopod or tripod

A monopod or tripod is definitely useful in sports photography. You can place your camera on it and take shots when it is time to do so. A tripod can help provide stability to your camera especially when a long lens is attached so there will be less to no camera shakes. Camera shake can result to poor, blurry images but with a tripod this can be avoided. You can even use a remote trigger in taking pictures so you do not have to touch your camera. Our photographer Berkshire friend considers a tripod an essential accessory that photographers must have.

  1. Spare batteries and memory cards

Bringing 3 or more spare batteries is a good move when covering a sports event. This will help ensure that you can cover from start to finish or you do no miss any special moment. Do not forget to bring extra memory cards as well so you have enough storage for your high resolution images. Even our derby wedding photographer brings spare batteries and memory cards when covering long weddings.

  1. Dependable camera bag

A backpack type or rolling case camera bag is the best choice of bag to bring when taking pictures of sports event. You need one where you can fit in your primary camera, spare camera, tripod, long lenses, batteries and memory cards. Make sure to use a camera bag that has paddings and several compartments so you can be assured that your prized photography items are safe and protected.

Top 5 Innovative Ideas for a Beach Wedding

beach wedding ideasWe all have different ideas when it comes to weddings. Some of us prefer the traditional wedding which is usually held in indoors while other choose a more different setup like a wedding by the beach or inside a museum. Couples will have to choose the type of wedding they want and the theme for such wedding setup.

For those who love nature or the beach in particular, they will most likely choose a beach wedding. A beach wedding is a great alternative to the usually chaotic atmosphere when holding a wedding in the city. Beach weddings are generally more solemn and romantic which is why more and more engaged couples are choosing this option. Furthermore, a beach wedding setup is easy to customize based on your desired theme, personality and budget. You can even possibly spend less on it compared to the more common traditional indoor setup.

There are plenty of ways you can customize your beach wedding to make it different from other beach wedding setups. Here are the top 5 innovative ideas we have gathered to help you make your dream beach wedding successful and extraordinary.

  1. Prepare beach- themed wedding invitations

If you are artistic by nature, you can design your wedding invitations by adding tropical designs like flowers, trees, shells and similar designs that is related to the beach. You can also have it designed by someone, just give specific details on what you want.

Your invited guests will surely feel excited to prepare for your wedding upon seeing your beach-themed wedding invitation. You can get wedding invitation ideas from websites like Pinterest.

  1. Choose a shell bouquet instead of flower bouquet

In most weddings, you can see a bride holding a flower bouquet when walking down the aisle towards the groom. You can make your wedding unique, by choosing to hold a shell bouquet instead of a flower bouquet. There are plenty of wonderful shells you can have placed in your bouquet. You can even possibly spend less on such kind of bouquet.

  1. Set up a simple beach altar

A beach altar with the ocean in the background will surely look great in your wedding pictures. You can get amazing pictures when you pose with such scenery. Your beach altar can be as simple as an arch made of bamboo with some flowers on it or you can have a simple altar made of light materials. Just make sure the altar is placed steadily so it does not get ruined by strong wind.

  1. Give out parasols to your guests

A parasol is a small umbrella that is available in various designs and styles. Giving parasols to your guests will keep them comfortable and sheltered from the heat of the sun. Parasols can also serve as wonderful props for your group wedding shots.

  1. Place a shoe and umbrella station

A nice shoe and/or umbrella station where your guests can place their shoes and coats and replace it with flip flops you will provide can make your guests more comfortable and relaxed. The station can be just a box for the shoes and a stand where they can place their coats. You can even place some umbrellas there for them to use.

There are certainly many other innovative ideas you can use for your beach wedding. Try to get online to get more concepts or designs then add a touch of your own to make it unique

Secrets to Black and White Photography

Lack of colors aside, there is something timeless and captivating about black and white photographs. They evoke a sense of class that never fails to capture the attention of the viewer, despite the prevalence today of color photographs.

For photographers like the Raleigh Family Photographer, especially those who have been so used to shooting pictures in color, being able to deliver quality results in capturing black and white photos can be a challenge. But as these secrets below will show, it is not impossible with the proper skills and knowledge at hand.

Learning to See Things in Mono

The first key to successful black and white photography is learning to see the world in monochrome. When you do, you get to realize that not all subjects would work in black and white, thus developing a keen eye to see which subjects would look good in monochrome or not.


A good tip for DSLR users is to shoot in the RAW (something you should be doing as a photographer anyway) but set the Picture Style (or whatever this setting is called in your camera) to a black and white mode. The photo will be displayed in black and white on the camera’s LCD screen, and you’ll have all the colour information in the RAW file for your conversion afterwards.

Considering Texture

Old elements like an old building, rusty metal, or weathered wood have a lot of texture, and textures look great in black and white. One thing to remember though is that texture is affected by the lighting conditions. Low raking light, like the golden light radiated during sunrise and sunset, makes texture stand out sharply. Soft light of an overcast day can also bring out texture, but it may require some additional post processing work to make the photos look good in black and white.

Making Light Work

Color or no color, light is still a big factor in photography. And black and white gives the photographer freedom to take photos in all sorts of lighting conditions. While it is still best to capture photos as far as light is concerned when the sun is low in the sky. But with black and white you can also take photos in the middle of the day, and even on overcast days, which are difficult lighting conditions for when you photograph in color.


What is more important is that lighting conditions matches the subject you are trying to shoot. Midday light, for instance, can be great for architecture but not for portraits, while an overcast day is ideal for portraits, but not for landscapes.

Knowing the Ideal Subjects

As was mentioned earlier, there are certain subjects that shoot well in black and white. Here are some examples:

Portraiture – portraits work well with black and white as the attention is focused more on the eyes and face, and the textures of the subject’s clothes.

Landscapes- while color is the default mode for landscape photography, black and white can also work for landscapes too, especially that It draws attention more to the shapes and forms of the land formations seen in the photos, as well as the light available

Travel and Street Photography- while travel and street photography is usually captured in color, black and white would work just as fine, especially if the photographer wishes to convey more the memory and emotion of a place visited rather than the physical attributes of the place, giving a sense of timelessness to the photo.

Nudes- recognised as one of the oldest subjects for artists and photographers, black and white has been the traditional mode as it highlights physical attributes and artistry employed in the shots.

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